Mini-Post of the Week, Airline Baggage Claims

At the airport baggage claim, why does EVERYONE have to stand right at the edge of the conveyor belt in the way of EVERYONE ELSE who is tryin’ to pick up their bags? Can’t these people see their homemade curly-glittery-red-ribbon handle markers from 3 feet back and simply step in when it comes around? Its not like ya paid for a front row seat you inconsiderate SOAPWORD!!! 

Note to Thanksgiving Travelers from Little Johnny: “STEP AWAY FROM THE BAGGAGE CLAIM BELT”

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I write a blog about Jagoffery..people who act like Jagoffs (a Pittsburghese word for "jerk" which is NOT a swear word BTW) Bad driving, parking, dumb criminals, stupid politicians.

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  1. I’ve tried to stand back, but as soon as I see my multi colored luggage handle and try to step forward to retreave it the “soapword soapword ” won’t let you in so there goes your bag around the belt again. I threatend to “soapword” the “soapword” up before they would let me get next to the belt. So”soapword” you.

  2. Ha. And everyone clamors around the damn thing like it’s a UN food drop and when they finally get their mitts on their luggage, it’s swung into the nearest groin or kneecap. Airplane had the best (or is it only?) airport conveyor belt sight-gag.

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