Mini Post of the Week, Things Who’s Time Have Past

When is the last time that you got concerned when you heard a car’s burglar alarm?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Nobody even looks at a car when the alarm goes off, EVEN IF YOU’RE STANDING NEXT TO IT!  People just think it’s some Jack”SOAPWORD” that bumped the remote.  Sooooooo, things we no longer have a need for:

1) Car Burglar Alarms

2) House Phones

3) My Popeil Pocket Fisherman

4) My Battle Ship Game (cuz I lost most of the red pegs anyway)

5) My appendix

6) That green fuzzy thing in the back, bottom of yer refrigerator that you can’t identify

What else?  Add your item in the comments.

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I write a blog about Jagoffery..people who act like Jagoffs (a Pittsburghese word for "jerk" which is NOT a swear word BTW) Bad driving, parking, dumb criminals, stupid politicians.

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  1. Sooooooo, things we no longer have a need for:

    My Virginity (I left it in the back seat of my parent’s 1974 Duster)

    Partridge Family 8-Track Tape (’cause the Patridge Family was soooo 5 minutes ago, and the 8-Track Player was in the 74′ Duster)

    Pay Phones (Need I mention the brain tumor causing technology?)

    Knife and Scissor Sharpening Guy (‘Member he used to canvass the old neighborhood ringing the bell on his cart to sharpen mommy’s cutlery and perhaps his own “pencil.” I often wondered why the neighbor lady had her stuff sharpened twice a week.) That guy became obsolete when the “SOAPWORD” Ginsu knife was introduced in the 70s. The manufacturer said it would “cut through a nail, a tin can, and a radiator hose and still cut a tomato paper thin.” And NEVER need sharpened? I have some swamp land in FL to sell ya.

    Milk Box (Not only did he leave three glass bottles of milk,(Did I say, “GLASS?” I guess we don’t need that anymore!) he also left candy in the box as well.
    Just like the Scissor guy, I became suspect when the milk man showed up daily at the neighbor lady’s house.
    Maybe he was getting his “pencil” sharpened as well. Come to think of it, the neighbor kid did resemble the milk man.

    My Tonsils

    Dot-Matrix Printers

    Street Cars (I remember taking the 16C from West View to
    Sliberty for my dentist appointments. If there was a power outage along the route, you were “SOAPWORD!”

    Amalgam – Silver fillings (Today, grills are made of GOLD. Just ask 50 Cent.)

    • yo GO Dirty Kurty!!! “Travelin’ along its a song that we’re singin’, come on get happy!!!” Yeppir, I have the Partidge Family 8-Track too. I love when the song KLUNKS right in the middle to change from track 3 to track 4!

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