Mini-Post, What’s “SUCKS”

Question, do you let yer kids say something “SUCKS?”

I remember what “SUCKS” meant when I was in high school.  It wasn’t a clean thought.  In the meantime, I hear “This sucks,” “That sucks” at kids’ parties, on the news and even on the Disney Channel.

What’s yer opinion, is “SUCKS” a swear word??????????????????????????

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I write a blog about Jagoffery..people who act like Jagoffs (a Pittsburghese word for "jerk" which is NOT a swear word BTW) Bad driving, parking, dumb criminals, stupid politicians.

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  1. It always depends on what is being sucked or what you think is being sucked. If it’s a sucker or a popcycle, or a piece of candy well then it would not be a swearword, but all the other things you are thinking of being sucked are.

  2. I got hell for saying something “sucked” when I was a kid. My parents were kind of conservative. Now their grandchildren say it and they think it’s cute. Go figure.

    For the record, when I was a kid, my naive little brain thought that “sucks” was just short for “sucks eggs”.

    • See, when I was a kid, “sucks” meant to suck my “SOAPWORD.” So my crazy childhood makes it a swear word!

      Gotta love grandparents!! They change ALL the rules just to get back at their own kids!!!! Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is very, very cool! I am going to have to include you in my blogroll.

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