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Men Tweeting Photos of Genitals

Another guy has taken photos of his genitals.  And not just another guy.  Certainly not someone as big as Brett Favre BUT big enough – a Canadian politician.  See the full story here.

There was actually a second politician, from New York, Anthony Weiner, who was accused of the same in the same week.  But, despite Mr. Weiner’s news story’s potential for puns and CLASSIC double entendre work, it appears that the “Weiner weiner” story comes with a pretty solid alliby.  And therefore, there is no reason to address it here.

Now back to Canadian friend, George Lepp.  His excuse for tweeting a photo of his genitals is this:

Excerpt from previously attributed article:

Alan Sakach, communications director for the Ontario Conservatives was first quoted by the Toronto Sun as having explained that “the photo was inadvertently taken by Lepp’s BlackBerry when it was in his front pocket.”

Haaa.. haaaa… haaaaa… oh man.  And people say “Little Johnny” has quite an imagination??????  I wish I would have had a communications director like  Alan when I was in grade school.  The Little Johnny jokes would have ended up being quoted more frequently and with more credibility, than Nostradamus or the Dali Lama!!

So how does George want us to believe that this happened?  His phone was in his pocket.  It was PERFECTLY aimed at his genitals.  It was also PERFECTLY focused to show details.  I have heard lots of jokes about that thing being a second brain for guys but I think we are giving the penis WAAAAAAAAAY to much credit if we are saying that it knows how to aim, focus and snap a photo of itself on a smartphone.  Haaaaaa… haaaaa…..haaaaaaaaaa!  And of course, this just HAPPENED to occur on the one day out of the last 1,789 days that he ran out of underoos and was going commando!  Cuz how ELSE would the camera work it’s magic if he was wearing under drawers?

I’m telling ya, know matter where they are in the world, politicians are politicians!!!  When will guys STOP being so proud of their genitals that they THINK everyone wants to see it?  How about this Little Johnny joke about showing yer stuff:

Little Sally came home from school with a smile on her face and told her mother, “Little Johnny showed me his weenie today at the playground!”

Before the mother could raise a concern, Sally went on to say, “It reminded me of a peanut.”

Relaxing with a hidden smile, Sally’s Mom asked, “Really small, was it?”

Sally replied, “No SALTY!”

Helllo!!!! Now THAT’S a story!!  But that’s all it is.  But I will tell ya about Gary Hardballs.  He was ALWAYS proud of his stuff.  I guarantee if we had smart phones back then, he woulda been sending some “anaconda in a pillow case” photos! 

The lack of technology did not limit our man Gary in 3rd grade. He thought he woud be cool and traced an outline of his thumb, drew a couple of circles on it as “balls” and copied it on the catholic school mimeograph machine.  He passed it out to all the girls in the 8th grade as proudly as an unemployed Charlie Sheen.  So he was MORTIFIED when all the girls starting making fun HOW SMALL his THINGY was!!!!  His whole plan backfired.  Thru the 12th grade, Gary was known as “LITTLE TOM THUMB!”

Today, when Gary is hanging out in bars, he wears those fake magic thumbs when he’s looking to pick up a date!!!

Today’s Little Johnny Joke Complements of Cosmopolitan Confidential

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