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Mini Post, Toilet Dilemma

In my mind, the ultimate “toilet dilemma” is:

You are on the toilet dumping yesterday’s Middle Eastern food with an incredibly stuffy nose.  Do you blow your nose and then smell yer own poo or do you hold off until after you have wiped your butt and flushed – thus blowing your nose with SOILED hands?



Mini Post, Casey Anthony Weiner

Wouldn’t it be cool if Casey Anthony married Anthony Weiner????  Casey Anthony Weiner!!!! 

(Yep, STILL a little bit of Little Johnny in me.)

Mini-Post, What Are We Supposed To Do????

Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears – Where in the hell are ya?  We need someone to poke fun at!!!!!

Mini Post, GPS Devices

When your car GPS device voice is sayin’ “In a ditch!” it’s too late to look up at the road!

Mini Post, Viagra Warning


If your Viagra causes an erection for more than 4 hours, stare at pictures of Amy Winehouse NAKED!!

Mini-Post, Doomsday Fail

Mini-Post, Remember This Joke?

If your uncle Jack was up on the roof working, and his ladder fell, would you help your uncle Jack off?

(see, a little johnny is STILL inside me some days)

See ya Friday for the normal Friday post!

Post Mother’s Day Post

If you gave your mom a lawn mower, a case of laundry soap, a sweeper or a list of chores to do, DON’T expect to get ANYTHING for your birthday or Christmas gifts!

Just sayin’.

Mini-Post, Spaghetti vs. Springs vs. Bow Tie


Here’s my question, when I boil spaghetti pasta, it gets all limp and squishy.

How do spring and bowtie pasta keep their shapes when they’re boiled?  Why don’t they just end up as a flat noodle?


BTW, Congrats to the U.S. Military!!!!

Mini-Post, Goin’ To the Drive-in

There’s some STRANGE movie at the Drive-in this week: “Flea Market Sunday”

I might actually go see it to see if its worth purchasing the DVD.

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