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Mini-Post of the Week, Airline Baggage Claims

At the airport baggage claim, why does EVERYONE have to stand right at the edge of the conveyor belt in the way of EVERYONE ELSE who is tryin’ to pick up their bags? Can’t these people see their homemade curly-glittery-red-ribbon handle markers from 3 feet back and simply step in when it comes around? Its not like ya paid for a front row seat you inconsiderate SOAPWORD!!! 

Note to Thanksgiving Travelers from Little Johnny: “STEP AWAY FROM THE BAGGAGE CLAIM BELT”


Mini-Post of the Week, Airplane Safety

When you’re on an airplane, does moving the seat back 2.5″ into the “recline” position actually make you a more comortable traveler? And why is it such a big deal that I “return my seat to its upright position” for safety reasons. If we crash, do we actually think that 2.5″ difference between reclined and… upright positions is actually going to make a difference in whether or not I make it out of there when we hit the ground at 400mph!

Guess there’s STILL a Little Johnny “smart-SOAP WORD” in me!

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